1. The order processing time depends on the current availability of products in warehouses in Poland and supplier production and delivery time (in case a product is not in stock).
  2. The approximate time of order fulfillment will be given on the proforma:
    • for products in the warehouse of SMARTX Sp. z o.o., the order processing time is usually between 5-14 business days;
    • for products not in stock, the time of order fulfillment will be determined individually in accordance with the Manufacturer's plan of production and delivery.
  3. Orders are processed in the order of their acceptance, that is when the payment is accounted for in the bank account.
  4. Order processing time is the time needed to complete and prepare the shipment and starts one day after payment acceptance.
  5. Buyer is responsible for ordering the shipment, declaring its content and value (for insurance, if applicable).
  6. Once the order is packed and ready for shipment, we will email the package(s) (box or pallet) weight and dimensions.
  7. Orders are always well packed, secured and protected for the shipment.
  8. Delivery time depends solely on the type of transport method chosen by the Buyer.
  9. Shipment can only be commissioned after Smartx confirms its readiness and provides the weight and dimensions.
  10. Collection address: SMARTX Sp. z o.o., Falista 2, 41-906 Bytom, Poland
  11. Should the Buyer book shipment before the order is ready for it, SMARTX will not be able to release the order and cannot be hold liable for any additional costs for re-booking the collection.
  12. Should the Buyer wish SMARTX Sp. z o.o. to organize the shipment, notify about it when placing the order or right after receiving the proforma so it can be amended and include freight cost.
  13. In case SMARTX is commissioned to book the transport, we will organize it providing full value for insurance purposes. Transport cost will be added to the proforma invoice.
  14. SMARTX Sp. z o.o. responsibility for the order ends when the package is collected by the courier / freight company.